To have your tech, content, productivity, and social media questions for starting and running your business answered


spending thousands of dollars on trainings


spending hours upon hours watching 100s of videos until you find one that kind of, sort of answers your question


tearing your hair out and weeping on your keyboard in utter despair


you can focus on sharing your talent and message.

You’re an Entrepreneur Trying to Build a Profitable Business…

You want to create a sustainable business that supports you and your family

You want a business that’s flexible and allows you to manage your time as you want

You have been told you have to hustle 24/7 in order to make your business work

But you have no clue how to make your business work

You are busy doing all the things, but it’s not working

You are trying to learn all the tech, all the skills but you’re floundering

But you see the possibilities with hundreds of entrepreneurs thriving…


You Make Valid Attempts….

You try creating and setting up an optin…

You try doing a Facebook Live…

You even try to learn about email marketing…

You put out offer after offer…

But You Fail miserably, silently, without a sound

No one responds to your Facebook posts.

No one can get to know-like-and trust you without an optin or offer

No one is messaging you begging and pleading to work with you or buy your product


So you try some more

You buy a course about creating an optin but it assumes that you already know lots of tech

it’s over your head….

all hype and no substance…

You try a new tactic

You then decide to hire someone to write social media posts for your business – but they don’t truly understand your audience…

You try and try but fail at all of these…

You’re frustrated, more scared to try and don’t know what to do next…


Wondering: how do all these business owners do it?

The ones with hundreds of followers who can’t wait to write the first comment on their posts

Pondering: what can you do to get the same kind of response…

Grappling: with the possibility that this might never happen for you

Bewildered: on what else you can do to be the go-to person in your field

Doubting: if you will ever have the same kind following as all the “famous” entrepreneurs

While Others…

Get new followers effortlessly

Attract raving fans…

Get the sales..

All with the right trainings.




  • The need to buy course after course…
  • The problem of how to create an optin…
  • The struggle with learning about email marketing, productivity, social media, etc.


It literally & truly takes you FROM STUCK TO SUCCESS in no time WITHOUT spending a fortune.


The Resource Training Bank for all your Small Business needs!


My name is Karen and I was just as overwhelmed & scrambling as you…

I am a Mom to teenage boys (read: no time)

I run several online businesses – while only working part-time

I am an Experimentor (read: I’ve tried alot of things – some have worked, some haven’t)

I am also someone who knows how to break down confusing systems to get over the hump in no time at all.

I have been featured in the Huffington Post, Thrive, Fit Small Business many other cool places on the internet.

I went from struggling how to start a business to having multiple, profitable businesses while working part-time and still having time for my family and myself.

All of this happened because I learned the strategies and systems to setting up successful small businesses – how to work smarter, not harder.

I know what you’re thinking…

It won’t work for me because I ‘m not good at tech, or I am too old or my industry is different,

If it was that simple, everyone would have an online business.

How is this different from taking different courses or hiring a coach?

Let me show you why this is unlike anything you have seen before


Check out Small Business Building Blocks against the others….

Email Marketing Services

See behind the scenes of 4 different email providers – so that you can finally pick the perfect service for your business.

Then learn all the ins and outs of your selected service with step-by-step training!

MailChimp, MailerLite, ConvertKit,
Active Campaign

Social Media Marketing

Learn general information about social media.

Then receive training on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram (coming soon) – including Facebook Pixel, Facebook Ads Manager, and more.

Project Management

You’re so busy doing all the things – and yet you still forget and don’t have time for many things.

Learn how to use Asana and/or Trello and organize your tasks!




  1. No more searching for YouTube videos that half-way solve your problems….
  2. No more spending 1000s of dollars on multiple courses just to find the answer to your simple questions.
  3. Being able to have your questions answered…

Instead imagine at the touch of a button – having a resource bank of trainings on wide-ranging topics all related to growing your business.


I love people who take action.  So in order to reward those who purchase as an early-bird you will receive extra bonuses!

Bonus 1: First 20 people will receive a social media or website audit

You’re doing all the things….

  • you don’t have much engagement…
  • you’re not sure if you’re posting the right things at the right time…
  • people aren’t opting in to your email list… 
  • you aren’t making sales…
  • people aren’t reading your blog…

But the worst part? – You don’t know why!

I can help!  I’ll do a video review of one social media platform or your website – looking at your bio/profile/about, posts, do competitor analysis, research keywords and hashtags – and give you suggestions!

Limited:  Only for the first 20 people who sign up by Saturday, November 30th at 6:00pm ET!


  • you were no longer stressed about deciding on your email provider
  • you no longer wasted hours looking for the exact tutorial to show you how to set up your optin.
  • you no longer purchased course after course for answer to all the components of your business…
  • you no longer follow guru after guru to find your answer.


  • you had one place to find all the trainings to start and run your business.
  • you had one resource at a fraction of the price of all the courses you’ve purchased previously.
  • you had a active community where you could ask questions and receive the answer.



Over 15 different categories of trainings


Video Trainings

Over 60 video trainings on a variety of topics with step-by-step instructions.



Over 10 Resource guides, handouts, tip sheets, etc.

Special Bonus

Mindset is vital to a successful small business.  I have an interview with a fabulous mind-life coach.

DIY Option

$97.00 one-time payment for access until the end of June 2020.

(I usually sell this course for $27.00/mo – which is $189 for 6 months.  That’s a savings of $122!!)

This option is good for those who are good at watching videos or following instructions – and doing it themselves.

 VIP Option – DIY plus a bonus 30 minute call with me

A one-time $197.00 payment with access until end of June 2020.

(I usually sell this VIP for $400 for 6 months.  That’s a savings of $233!)

If you’re struggling on your optin or with Facebook Ads or something else – this call let’s you ask me and we’ll solve it together!

(Note:  There will be no refunds at this no-brainer low price.)


Q. What if I'm just starting out?
A. PERFECT!  This membership was built for you – to give you the trainings and tools you need to start and run a successful business.
Q. What if i'm more advanced in my business - is it still for me?
A. Maybe.  While we have many trainings geared towards those starting, we also have more intermediate content, such as, content curation, planning, scheduling, etc.  Also if you’re thinking of creating a team or hiring a VA – this may be perfect to help get them up to speed.
Q. Why only $67.00? Is it any good?

A. Yes!  I decided to start with this price point – because I see so many entrepreneurs that get stuck in different phases of their business.  They are unable to make decisions, and move forward.  I want everyone to be able to share their talent and message.  So I felt that a low price point would allow more people to take steps forward in their businesses.  The one-time payment of $67.00 gives you access until June 30, 2020 – 7 months of access.  I will say that I probably can’t continue to keep this price forever….

Q. Will this work for me if I have a products-based business?
A. Perhaps.  There are many components that are similar for a products-based business and a service-based business.  You still need email service providers, perhaps websites, etc.  But the strategies and certain trainings are geared more towards service-based businesses.


See what people have had to say about the Small Business Building Blocks Membership!

Liz Pabon

Story Persuasion Strategist,

Today, when running any type of small business, the fundamental components remain the same:

  • Having Products, service or information.
  • Presenting these to potential customers
  • Reaching enough customers
  • Persuading those customers to purchase our product or service.

Ensuring a continuous supply of new customers and existing customers.

The way in which we do business, however, is rapidly changing.  We face a digital jigsaw puzzle. Social Media, which to use, what to post, when and how, graphics, content, pixels, automation of campaigns, email automation, who, where, what?  How do we give exactly the right message to the right person at the right time?  In any business, mine included, the most important commodity is time.

Time is money.

Being non-technical, I don’t have time to take a course to solve each part of the digital jigsaw puzzle individually, nor the time or money.

Karen Grill has produced an essential comprehensive survival kit for small businesses such as mine. She explains systematically exactly how to use the most important tools.  She covers the various social media platforms, automation, effective advertising, graphics and many daunting tasks in plain simple easy to understand language.

For non-technical people it is the small business survival kit.

If you see the value of maintaining a good rapport with existing and long-term customers, you will find the training Karen gives on automation especially useful.

Thank you Karen!

Ian de Souza

Dance Instructor/Owner/Entrepreneur, Euro Dance Center

Membership of Small Business Building Blocks is ESSENTIAL to any Mumpreneur starting out in business. It will save you hours of time on tech learning curves that would otherwise leave you frustrated and under pressure to catch up. Instead the clear, easy-to-understand videos make implementing your CRM, Website, Newsletter a piece of cake.

Seriously! Your time is precious enough, stop trying to re-invent the wheel and get your business basics up and running in an afternoon (if you want) or use this fantastic resource to dip into again and again as you move along with your business tech basics.

This resource is pure gold and personally I think Karen is nuts to only be charging $9 per month for something that is worth at least TEN TIMES more!

Mairead Kelly

Business Strategist, Mumpreneur Support Network

Wow. Where was this membership site 18 months ago? I sure could have used it. I don’t even dare count up the hours spent researching and trying to figure out which email service to use (not to mention what an email service even was) and trying to wrap my head around Facebook Ads.  I got so stinking overwhelmed I almost gave up many times.

Small Business Building Blocks is great in that is has bite-sized chunks of information on each of the many parts you need to start your online business.  Each video and lesson takes you through the exact steps you need to take for each piece.

If you’re looking for help with your overwhelm I suggest you stop researching online and going down the never-ending rabbit holes that cause more confusion and overwhelm. Rather, check out Small Business Building Blocks. It’s a great one-stop shop for all of the different elements you need to get started: email, website, opt-ins to social media.  ~Colleen Kochannek,

Colleen Kochannek, Scrappy Frontier

Susan F.

DIY Option

$97.00 one-time payment

(with access until the end of  June 2020).

VIP Option – DIY + 30 minute bonus call

A one-time $197.00 payment

(with access until the end of June 2020 for the membership.)

(Note:  There will be no refunds at this no-brainer low price.)

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